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Apple launches Education Community in beta with free teaching resources

Apple Education Community Forum

Apple's latest endeavor to support education is and improved and still free Apple Education Community to help teachers use the iPad, iPhone, or Mac inside classrooms.

The company quietly launched the platform over the weekend, and it expands on the older Learning Center with more resources. Educators from all stripes will find something useful in the Community, from teachers to digital learning specialists, IT administrators, and school leaders.

Apple's new Community is available only in English for educators in Australia, Canada, Ireland, United Kingdom, United States, and New Zealand, according to a report on Monday. Anyone in these countries can access the Community free of charge and without needing educator credentials or an account. The previous program remains available in 36 countries and 16 languages.

In addition to the Learning Center, the Community builds on other work from Apple, such as the Learning Coach platform that teaches educators on how to use Apple technology in the classroom.

"At Apple, we believe that education can be a powerful force for equity, and that supporting educators is one of the most important things we can do to help learners unlock their potential," Apple's Vice President of Education and Enterprise Marketing Susan Prescott said. "We've worked alongside teachers in the classroom for more than 40 years, and we've seen firsthand how passionate, engaged educators can increase student engagement and enhance learning outcomes through the meaningful use of technology."

Educators will find over 120 tutorials in the Education Community to learn how to use built-in Apple apps and features on their iPad and Mac. Lesson ideas aim to inspire teachers to teach skills to their students, such as critical thinking.

Inside the Forum, sections include General Topics, Teaching & Learning, Coaching, Leadership, Deployment & Management, and Apple Groups. It will quickly become the best way for teachers to share ideas, collaborate, and help further their careers.

The sections for Coaching, Leadership, and Apple Groups may be particularly useful for educators. These resources provide professional learning tools to help people with their careers, and Apple says more programs and resources will be added in the future.