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Full video of Steve Jobs panel with Cook, Ive & Powell Jobs is available

The full 70-minute Code 22 panel discussion about Steve Jobs' legacy, including the launch of the Steve Jobs Archive, is now available to watch.

Kara Swisher at Code 2022 gathered together Laurene Powell Jobs, Tim Cook, and Jony Ive to examine the legacy of Steve Jobs, and his impact on the world.

The three guests also used the opportunity to launch the new Steve Jobs Archive in his memory.

"Steve possessed a boundless sense of possibility and a belief in the power of individuals to make an enduring contribution to humanity," Laurene Powell Jobs. "My hope is that the Archive will be a place to draw inspiration from Steve's life and work, spurring new generations to make their own contributions to our common future."

"He loved the idea of America," she said. "He loved what it allowed the individual and the communities to become. He loved the unfetteredness of it. He loved the personal freedoms and liberties, but also the connectedness and responsibility for each other."

The panel was on the September 7, 2022, the day of the iPhone 14 launch.

"I believe, I hope that he would be proud of a day like this," said Cook, "where we bring in a lot of innovations that are very much on the principles that he laid out and articulated so well.

"I think the greater world he would be troubled by a lot of things that he sees, the sort of... division in the world," he continued, "and I think he would be happy that we're living up to the values that he talked about so much like privacy, like protecting the environment."

The panel and the video begins with around three minutes of clips from Steve Jobs's own appearances at the conference and its predecessors.