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Dynamic Island expected to replace notch on all iPhone 15 models

The Dynamic Island of the iPhone 14 Pro will probably make it to the rest of Apple's iPhone range, an analyst believes, with the display of standard iPhones expected to get the replacement for the infamous notch.

Apple's inclusion of the Dynamic Island as a way to provide notifications and hide cut-outs in the display has seemingly become a hit for users keen to get away from the notch. While limited to the Pro models in 2022, one analyst thinks that the 2023 releases may all get the feature.

Posting to Twitter on Sunday about the iPhone 15 range's display features, Ross Young of Display Supply Chain Consultants claims Dynamic Island is "expected on standard models on the 15." Such a change would also mean Apple will be making alterations to the cutouts in the iPhone display to enable the UI feature.

In further discussion, Young doubts that other major 2022 Pro model additions will make the cut for 2023. A switch to "120Hz/LTPO on standard models" isn't expected, effectively ruling out features like ProMotion and an always-on screen.

Young insists that the "supply chain cannot support" such changes at this time. "I don't think BOE will be ready for LTPO in 2023 at Apple's scale," Young reasons, adding 2024 "would be a better bet."

If correct, users could end up waiting until the iPhone 16 for an always-on display, if they don't upgrade to Pro models in the meantime.