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More Apple Music Classical references spotted in iOS beta

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As Apple's self-imposed deadline to launch Apple Music Classical nears, more mentions have been found in the latest iOS beta.

Following Apple's acquisition — and closing down — of classical music service Primephonic, references to the service were spotted in Android beta software, and betas of iOS 15.15.

Now a Twitter user has shown screenshots from the latest iOS beta that include Apple Music Classical references.

There are few details to be gleaned from the code fragments, but they appear to be chiefly related to a classical music subscription. Nonetheless, it's the presence of any such code that is significant as it at least implies that Apple is readying the inclusion of Apple Music Classical within iOS.

When Apple bought the Primephonic company, it promised some details about the service, but specifically said that it would be launched by the end of 2022. That launch will also be of a separate Apple Music Classical app, which is to be based on the old Primephonic app.

Primephonic subscribers are to get six months of Apple Music for free. Within the classical app, Apple has said that browsing and searching for classical music will be improved.