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Amazon's new smart home gear, baby tech, Victrola streaming turntable on HomeKit Insider

HomeKit Insider

On the latest episode of the Homekit Insider podcast, Amazon's massive product-focused event with several new smart home devices, smart home baby gear, and more!

In the wake of the last Apple event, and as we wait to see what Apple will do in October, recent headlines have been about Amazon's big hardware event. Amazon announced a whole slew of new smart home products including new versions of the Echo Dot, Echo Studio, and Fire TV products.

The Echo Dots are still affordable speakers with Amazon Alexa built in but they now have new sensors for temperature measurements and can double as Eero mesh extenders. Dot with Clock has more dots to display more information and the updated Echo Studio supports spatial audio and is available in white.

One of the standouts was Amazon's new Halo Clock that can track sleeping for two people in bed and can intelligently wake you in the morning via soft light. Amazon-owned Ring and Eero had announcements of their own including a new panic button and new PoE routers.

Outside of Amazon, Denon released seven new 8K receivers, some of which have support for AirPlay 2. Finally, Victrola announced a new turntable that's able to stream audio to your home's Sonos speakers.

Outside of the news, we also spent some time with our special guest, new mom-to-be Faith O'Hara, talking about smart home stuff for parents. We discussed smart cradles and bassinets, smart lights, smart shades, and more.

Your host also asked Faith about her non-techy impressions of Matter and other smart home trends to see how ready the average consumer is.

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