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Fake Joe Rogan interviews ghost of Steve Jobs on AI-made podcast

A new podcast that's entirely generated by Artificial Intelligence has attempted to show what Steve Jobs would sound like on the Joe Rogan show.

There's been a Fake Steve Jobs account on Twitter before, but a new podcast from wants you to believe the man himself is alive and guesting on a Joe Rogan podcast.

Every word on's "Joe Rogan interviews Steve Jobs" is created by AI, which the developer says is an example of how artificial intelligence can learn about people.

"For example, the Steve Jobs episode was trained on his biography and all recordings of him we could find online so the AI could accurately bring him back to life," says the company's official site. "At, we believe in a future where all content creation will be generated by AI but guided by humans, and the most creative work will depend on the human's ability to articulate their desired creation to the machine."

The podcast attempts to mimic what Jobs would say and sound like, and the results are mixed. If you don't happen to know either Rogan or Jobs's voices, you could initially believe they were said by humans, at least.

However, even the first moments of Jobs' dialog sounds like it is being pulled together from a small collection of stock phrases. The voice is identifiable as Jobs, but the rhythms and the cadence are off.

Still, this is just the first episode of what the company hopes will be a series of entirely AI-generated podcasts.

"We hope others are inspired by this work and start creating even more creative audio and video content using generative AI," says the company.

The "interview" with Steve Jobs runs for 24 minutes, but of course he doesn't say anything interesting because it isn't really Jobs talking.