Airversa air purifier review, Homey Pro hub, HomeKey rumors

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On the new Homekit Insider podcast, your hosts review the Airversa Thread-connected air purifier, talk about new Home Key rumors, and discuss the updated Homey Pro smart hub

In the smart home space this week we saw Roku enter the market. Via a partnership with Waze, it's launched several smart bulbs, light strips, and a camera. While the new accessories do not work with HomeKit, Roku streaming devices do and will be interested how they all work together in the future.

Eve's Thread-enabled light switch is now shipping, as is Wemo's model that was announced earlier this year. Both require a neutral wire and are three-way compatible.

The Homey Pro hub has been updated with a faster processor and new connectivity options. It is expected to be certified via Matter in 2023 and will support Thread in a similar timeframe.

Thousands of accessories work with the Homey Pro that work with Zigbee, Z-Wave, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, infrared, and Thread. When its Matter certification is complete, it will work with the Apple Home app.

The online smart home community was riled up the last several days when Level Lock seemed to waffle on its promised support of Home Key. It eventually promised its continued plan to adopt Home Key in the future.

Since recording, this has continued to evolve with an updated Level Lock+ appearing on some Apple Store shelves.

Much of our episode is devoted to reviewing the newly-released Airversa Purelle air purifier. This device connects via Thread, has affordable replacement filters, and has a built-in air quality monitor that also supports HomeKit.

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