Apple TV drops 'Up Next' in new design rolling out to users

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Not all users are seeing this change yet, but Apple TV is no longer showing the familiar "Up Next" selection of titles in its eponymous app at the top.

A key feature of the Apple TV app on the Apple TV 4K, and all previous versions, has been the "Up Next" list. It lists the next episode of series that users have been following, giving them quick access to resume binge-watching.

A number of users including AppleInsider staff are reporting that "Up Next" has relocated, and a promotional list called "Featured" has taken its place. You now have to scroll down to view your "Up Next" titles.

At the same time, Apple has seemingly replaced the key art for many TV shows with a still frame from the episode. Some may welcome this change but it does make quickly identifying the show a bit less obvious.

Notably, this redesign is reportedly not confined to users who have updated to the latest tvOS.

Apple has not announced or commented on the redesign, and the current support documentation still refers to the "Up Next" feature.

For a feature that seems simple to create, as well as convenient to use, though, "Up Next" has had problems. At times when a user has watched, say, episode 2 of a series, it's been known to recommend they watch episode 1 next.

Also, each title in the "Up Next" list includes an image from the show, and at times that image has been wrong. Although quite rare, that suggests that there have been issues with the creation of meta data for the feature, most likely coming from the channels sending data to the Apple TV app.