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Lost iPhone retrieved from under bar's floorboards with MagSafe Duo

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A man used a MagSafe Duo as a fishing line when he dropped his iPhone through the wooden floor of a bar.

YouTuber David Cogan says that his iPhone slipped beneath the gaps in wooden planking at the bar, and his footage shows the phone clearly visible underneath. "Everyone tried to help me get it out," he said, "including the bar manager."

No one seems to have tried removing the floorboard, but otherwise Cogan shows multiple attempts at trying to use tools to reach through the gap. The next day, he returned with a travel MagSafe Duo.

It appears that he used the MagSafe Duo's power cord as the fishing line, and it stayed connected in place even as he then lifted the iPhone with the device.

"MagSafe, the best invention ever for the iPhone," he says.