Apple reportedly cuts back iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus orders

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Even as stocks of the iPhone 14 Pro remain constrained, Apple is said to be trimming iPhone 14 orders by up to 3 million.

The scarcity of the iPhone 14 Pro, and how production is particularly affected by the current China COVID lockdown, has led Apple to take the rare step of commenting on the issue. Apple has not commented on availability or demand for the lower-end iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus, though signs are that these models are not selling as well as expected.

According to Bloomberg, Apple has decided to order 87 million of these models, compared to a previous expected target of 90 million. While that is a reduction of three million iPhones, it represents less than a 4% cut in orders.

That's slightly more than the 3% that Wedbush analysts predict will be how much supply issues affect sales of the iPhone 14 Pro.

Bloomberg claims that sales for the two lower-end models have dropped off, and also that demand is particularly slowing in China.