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iOS 16.1.1 update expected soon with Emergency SOS via Satellite, bug fixes

Emergency SOS via Satellite coming in November update

Apple could soon release iOS 16.1.1 with the Emergency SOS via Satellite feature for iPhone 14 models and a bug fix affecting Apple's advertising network.

Multiple signs are appearing that Apple will release iOS 16.1.1 before the end of November, and likely soon. The update could release the promised Emergency SOS via Satellite and address bugs in the operating system.

In a system status first reported by MacRumors, Apple says that an update is imminent to address an issue with SKAdNetwork. That also aligns with recent sightings of devices running iOS 16.1.1 visiting the website.

"There is an issue impacting SKAdNetwork for users on iOS 16.1," says the Apple system status page. "We are working to quickly resolve this issue in a software update."

The issue reportedly began on November 3, but no other information was provided.

The SOS via Satellite feature was announced alongside the iPhone 14 lineup but wasn't launching to customers until November. The upcoming point update should enable the feature, as it is unlikely for Apple to release another significant update before the end of the month.

Apple launched new advertising slots in the App Store on October 25, which were abused by gambling and other unsightly app types. The company halted advertising from those apps, but it isn't clear if this issue with the ad system is related or not.