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Poweradd Pro Portable Charger review: Attractive portable charging

Poweradd Pro Portable Charger

4.5 / 5

Your iPhone may already get you through the work day, but the Poweradd Pro Portable Charger pairs ease of use and design to go even further.

The charger ships with the charger itself and a USB-C to USB-A charging cable to charge either the power bank or one of your devices.

There are multiple portable chargers to choose from, but with a sleek design, Fast Charging, and an affordable price, the Poweradd Pro Portable Charger may be the one to get.

The design of portable charging

The Poweradd Pro Portable Charger brings a design that is modern looking and easy to use with only one button to press to control it. It weighs - in total - only 9.1 ounces.

One-third of the power bank's body is an LED screen that shows how much battery is left in the charger in the way of a percentage. When charging a device - or multiple devices - you will see that percentage actively go down.

There are three ports included on the power bank - a USB-C, a USB-Micro-B, and a USB-A. The one button located on the right side of the body will control turning off the device and waking it up. One press will wake up it up and show how much power it currently has, and one long press will turn it off.

Charging the Poweradd Pro

The power bank is built with 10,000 mAH (milliamp hours) inside of it and can fully charge your devices.

The Poweradd Pro can be charged in two ways - through the USB-C port or the USB-Micro-B port. When charging through the USB-C port, it has an input of 18w. When charging through the USB-Micro-B port, it also has an input of 18w.

The LED screen will showcase how much battery is currently in the Poweradd Pro when charging it, and will actively continue to rise in percentage when receiving more juice from charging.

Charging other devices

The Poweradd Pro can charge devices such as phones, tablets, headphones, smartwatches, and other portable accessories.

Devices can be charged through the included USB-C and USB-A ports. Charging with the USB-A port will output 18w of power to your device(s) when charging, and the USB-C port will output 20w of power to your device(s) when also charging.

The USB-C port also enables Fast Charging, which will charge up your devices faster through the USB-A port. When you are using Fast Charging, a little "FAST" sign will appear next to the battery percentage on the Poweradd Pro.

When testing out the Fast Charging, the device seemed to charge up an iPhone 14 Pro Max pretty quickly. It got the iPhone from 20% to 62% in 30 minutes. Though, this falls slightly short of the company's claim that the portable charger can get your device to 50% in 30 minutes.

The iPhone got to an additional 50% (70% from 20%) after a total of 37 minutes.

The downside is that the Fast Charging seems to stop after your device hits 80%. Once it hits that amount of battery, the "FAST" sign disappears from the display on the portable charger.

The charger took over two hours to charge the iPhone 14 Pro Max from 20% to 100%. The Poweradd Pro still had 37% of power left once the iPhone was fully charged.

Like when charging the Poweradd Pro, the LED screen will stay on and show how much battery remains inside of it while it is charging your device(s).

The Poweradd Pro is capable of charging two devices at once through both charging ports.

The good

  • Portable and light
  • Easy to understand how much power is left in the portable charger
  • Works with USB-C and USB-A
  • Offers Fast Charging
  • Input and output through USB-C
  • Can charge two devices at once
  • Costs only $20

The bad

  • Stops Fast Charging after 80% of the device's battery is charged
  • Took over 2 hours to get from 20% to 100% on a device's battery

The verdict

The Poweradd Pro is a great portable charger to carry around. It is light, easy to understand, packs a lot of battery, and is versatile in both charging itself and charging other devices.

The only downsides that the charger had were that Fast Charging doesn't stay on throughout the whole charge and the last 20% - after 80% of the device's battery is full - felt like a drag and took way too long.

It took nearly an additional 90 more minutes for the device to get from 80% to 100%, when it only took 50 minutes to get from 20% to 80% with Fast Charging.

The Poweradd Pro brings a lot to the table and uses modern connectors to be able to charge a multitude of devices, and with the 10,000 mAH battery inside, it can charge a device to the max. The screen is also a great addition so you know exactly how much battery is left in the portable charger.

For $20, the POWERADD PRO is worth looking at, and if you do get it, make sure to have a USB-C cable with you to get the full charging capabilities it has to offer.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Where to buy the Poweradd Pro

The Poweradd Pro is available for $20 at Amazon (with a current 25% off coupon available for it). The only color option offered currently is black.