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Musk Twitter mayhem continues with short-lived grey checkmark

The new - old checkmark

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Elon Musk planned to let users purchase a blue verified checkmark as part of Twitter Blue, then rolled out a separate label to identify actual verified accounts. Hours later, the revision was rolled back.

One of the changes new owner Elon Musk is implementing at the company is revisions to the Twitter Blue service that offers reduced ads, editing tweets, and other premium features. As part of those changes, Musk also wanted Twitter Blue subscribers to receive the blue "verified" checkmark, whether the company actually verified them or not.

But Twitter still wants a way to mark those accounts that did go through verification, even though that's what the blue checkmark was originally for. A second checkmark in gray and an "Official" label would marked these authentic accounts, for a short period of time.

Those second checkmarks appeared on Twitter for certain accounts on Wednesday morning — but quickly disappeared apparently by Musk's own hand.

"I just killed it," Musk tweeted on Wednesday, following up with, "Blue check will be the great leveler."

Esther Crawford, Twitter's director of product management, confirmed that the company had rolled the label back, at least for now.

She said that the company would focus on government and commercial officials, and the "Official" label is still rolling out as part of Twitter Blue. Crawford mentioned that individuals would not receive the new checkmark and label, at least for now.

It's not clear if Crawford and Musk are on the same page regarding the feature.

According to Musk, Twitter users should expect "lots of dumb things in coming months."