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Spotify debuts new Apple Watch app experience

Spotify has a new Apple Watch interface

The Spotify Apple Watch app has been updated with larger controls, swipe gestures, and a better library view.

Spotify has been busy updating the Apple Watch experience for its app. After streaming was temporarily broken by an errant watchOS update, the company has rolled out a handful of user-focused features.

The UI has been rearranged to include larger tap surfaces, bigger artwork, new animations, and added functionality. For example, users will be able to swipe to like a song.

It is designed so users can more easily navigate their library of music and podcasts, as well as more quickly download content for offline listening. New podcast episodes will also be shown with a blue dot for easy identification.

The update should install automatically, but users can navigate to the App Store to force the app to update if it hasn't already.

Spotify is an Apple Music competitor with a free tier that serves ads and a paid tier for $9.99. That's opposed to Apple's recent price increase to $10.99.