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Apple tests lyrics for the Apple Music web player

Apple Music

Apple is preparing to expand Apple Music on the web by adding song lyrics, putting it in line with the native app.

On, people can now see live lyrics added to songs. Clicking on the speech bubble icon when a song is playing will reveal lyrics that appear in time to the music.

For now, the feature is limited to the beta web version of Apple Music.

Apple introduced time-synced lyrics to Apple Music in iOS 13. When a song is playing, clicking on the speech icon with a quote symbol shows animated lyrics.

Apple Music users can scroll through the lyrics and tap on any line in the song to skip to that part of the music.

Lyrics now appear for beta Apple Music web
Lyrics now appear for beta Apple Music web

The feature is currently in beta on the Apple Music web player, which lets people listen to the company's musical catalog through a browser. It probably won't take long for it to exit beta and roll out to all subscribers.

The Apple Music web player officially launched in 2020, enabling subscriber access to content libraries and curated playlists without needing a dedicated app.