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Kanye West confused about banks, Apple Pay, and FCC

As part of his candidacy for President, Kanye West is demanding that the FCC needs to investigate his bank after Adidas allegedly "froze his money," and disabled his Apple Pay.

According to West, after Adidas cut off business with him, they managed to freeze his money by petitioning JP Morgan Chase to do so. After finding that his Apple Pay didn't work, repeatedly, he said he looked into why.

Reportedly, Adidas put a $75 million hold on four of his bank accounts. This, in turn, likely caused Apple Pay to not work because of a lack of funds.

Bizarrely enough, West claimed this was the reason he'd be running for president — again.

"The reason why I'm announcing that I'm running for President is I want the FCC to look at my money. If the FCC was looking at my money, there would be a possibility that Adidas wouldn't have went into JP Morgan Chase and froze my account and put a $75 million hold on four different accounts," West told RadarOnline.

Even if his claims are true about Adidas clawing back money from the bank, it's not clear who exactly West is referring to in his bid for the Presidency. While West claims that he wants the FCC — the Federal Communications Commission — to look into the matter, they can't help.

The matter would likely not fall under the Federal Trade Commission either. Most likely, if the bank is acting improperly — and it's not clear that they are — it would fall under the purview of the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) that regulates national banks.