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Apple celebrates iPhone accessibility features in powerful new ad

"The Greatest" is a new Apple video spotlighting the many ways an iPhone can help with accessibility needs, ranging from voice control to Door Detection.

A new 140-second long Apple video called "The Greatest" has been released on YouTube, showing a wide range of people using accessibility features.

"At Apple, we believe accessibility is a human right," says Apple in the video's description. "Innovative features like Door Detection, Sound Recognition, Voice Control, and more are designed to let you use your devices in ways that work best for you."

Among the very many features shown in use are sound detection on Apple Watch, which detects when a baby is crying, and a very impressive image description that spots "a red jacket."

The ad is set to music with the track "I Am the Greatest (with Marliya Choir)" by Spinifex Gum. featuring. Cola Boyy and Matthew Whitaker. By default, the video is presented on YouTube with subtitles turned on.

There is also a separate version that comes with audio description.