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WalleyGrip2 Review: MagSafe smart wallet with promise for the future


3.0 / 5

Infinacore's WalleyGrip2 is an interesting take on a MagSafe smart wallet experience for an iPhone, but today, the sum of its parts don't make a better product than the pieces individually.

Upgrading from the original WalleyGrip, the WalleyGrip2 maintains the same quick access appeal as most MagSafe wallets for those with only one or two cards in their daily carry.

The WalleyGrip2 has three distinct features: RFID blocking, a grip/stand, and a Popl smart business card. Conveniently, the wallet also has a QR code on the back that leads to FAQ's about the product, which is a clever element for those confused about a certain feature.

Slim and well-built, the wallet's MagSafe is reliable, and even in the case of a drop, the plastic case is more durable than it looks. The wallet can hold up to three cards comfortably, and a fourth if you don't mind stretching it.

The RFID blocking feature is handy for those concerned for their credit cards security, and those who have tap-to-pay cards will find the WalleyGrip2 even more convenient, as sliding your card out of the wallet even half an inch is enough for NFC registers to read it. For those less concerned about RFID, Infinacore offers a cheaper version of the wallet without it, saving you five dollars.

We found the grip and landscape stand to be dependable, a neat feature for those who are used to pop-sockets or other grip/stand accessories. The color on our sample isn't preferred, but the company has a large number of other colors and designs to choose from, so as long as the prospective user buys right, that isn't an issue.

Pay with a tap with the wallet

The largest and most perplexing feature is the implementation of the Popl smart card. Popl is a smart business card company with a line of NFC products and an app with subscription-based in-app purchases.

The customer must download a separate app for it, and may even need to buy features in that app for their preferred experience. However, having a free account is enough for most people to share socials and contact information.

Testing showed the chip inside the bottom of the wallet is quick to share data with NFC readers once in range. But, the iPhone is too, even without the Popl.

The awkward idea of a smart wallet

This wallet is a fun gadget for those interested in financial security and professional networking. At the price of $54.99, it beats a Apple-brand MagSafe wallet in terms of convenience and features.

However, we argue that for that price, most consumers should get a cheaper MagSafe wallet with RFID protection, and buy a Popl or Dot card for half the total price for the same functionality. Right now, the WalleyGrip2 is answering a question that we're not sure who's asking.

WalleyGrip2 is an experiment on what a smart wallet can be, and it's tantalizing — but the execution and price isn't quite there yet. That said, we're curious for what can be done going forward to further the practicality of it, for broader audiences.

WalleyGrip2 - Pros

  • Many features for a MagSafe accessory
  • Financial and professional utility

WalleyGrip2 - Cons

  • Needs an app for maximum function
  • Cost-inefficient for the sum of its features

Rating: 3 out of 5

Where to buy the WalleyGrip2

The WalleyGrip2 can be purchased from the WalleyGrip2 website for $54.99 for the RFID blocking version, and $49.99 for the version without.