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Alogic releases slew of new charging tech at CES 2023

Alogic's new 67W GaN charger

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Alogic is ready to power up your gear, releasing a series of new USB-C wall and car chargers at CES 2023.

The new lineup encompasses 100W and 30W car chargers and 67W GaN chargers, all to power your mobile devices and laptops.

The 67W GaN wall chargers work with multiple countries thanks to the US/EU/UK/AUS/NZ travel plugs that are bundled with them. They come in a single USB-C configuration and one with 2 USB-C and 1 USB-A.

Alogic 67W charger
Alogic 67W GaN charger

Alogic bundles the charger with a fabric carrying case and a braided 100W USB-C PD cable.

These chargers are available now and will run you $69.99 for the single port and $89.99 for the three port version.

"Our new portable in-car and wall chargers are designed to power-up devices while on-the-go. These chargers offer durability and are lab-tested for safety and seamless integration with connected devices," said Ritesh Kumar, Alogic Co-Founder.

All of Alogic's new chargers
All of Alogic's new chargers

For on the road, Alogic has three new car chargers available with two 30W models and a 100W model.

The 100W model has one USB-C port and a USB-A port. When the USB-C port is used by itself it can deliver up to 100W of power. When the ports are used in tandem, 65W will come from the Type-C port and 18W will come via USB-A.

Alogic's 30W compact car charger
Alogic's 30W compact car charger

The 30W chargers come with either two USB-C or one USB-C and one USB-A depending on your needs. They feature an ultra-compact design that fits entirely in the auto charger.

These too are available now starting at $28.99 for the USB-C/USB-A 30W, $33.99 for the dual USB-C 30W, and $65.99 for the 100W model.

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