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Amazon will add Matter over Thread support to Echo and eero

Amazon Echo

Amazon is bringing support for networking standard Matter to various Echo and eero products in 2023 via the Thread protocol.

The company announced a gradual rollout of Matter support in 2022, saying it wanted to move slowly to ensure a smooth experience free of bugs or other issues. At CES 2023, Amazon said that support for Matter will be added to Echo and Eero devices this year.

Amazon completed the first phase of the Matter over Wi-Fi rollout in December 2022 across various products, including smart plugs, switches, bulbs, and 17 Echo devices. Now, the company will focus on Matter over Thread and additional device types, including thermostats, blinds, and sensors.

It will include Matter support on additional Echo and eero devices and Thread border router support on the fourth-generation Echo, which already supports network protocols such as Matter over Wi-Fi, Zigbee, and Bluetooth Low Energy Mesh. Amazon will also update its iOS app to support adding Matter devices.

Networking over Matter

Matter is an interoperability standard for smart home devices that let devices from different companies communicate with each other without needing a connection to external servers. So, for example, a device made to work with Samsung SmartThings could still work with Apple's Homekit if it supports Matter.

Once Amazon has finished its Matter rollout, customers can use any Matter device on any Matter platform. They will work with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Samsung SmartThings, and Apple's HomeKit.

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