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Hands on: Samsung's impressive new monitors from CES 2023

Samsung Neo G9

We're at CES 2023, and we got the opportunity to use two of Samsung's new displays — the Odyssey Neo G9 and the 5K ViewFinity S9.

Samsung had plenty of displays and TV set up at the annual Las Vegas-based tech show but the ones we were most excited to check out were the Neo G9 and ViewFinity S9.

The Odyssey Neo G9 is a massive 7680 by 2160 57-inch curved gaming monitor with 240Hz and a 1ms response time. It supports HDR1000 and DisplayPort 2.1.

Using the monitor was surreal, filling your view. Samsung had a racing game pulled up to demo the display that was amazing to play as it brought you more into the gameplay. It was almost like using a VR headset without wearing one.

Side and back of the Neo G9
Side and back of the Neo G9

The monitor is thicker than your average monitor but is covered with a stylish white back.

Unfortunately, because of the high bandwidth needed to run the display the source needs to support DisplayPort 2.1 which the Mac currently does not. Macs aren't able to run 8K displays and this does have an 8K horizontal resolution.

We also got a look at the ViewFinity S9 that Samsung seemingly designed to take on Apple's Studio Display.

The ViewFinity S9 is a 27-inch 5K display — same as the Studio Display — but Samsung tries to one-up Apple with several unique features.

Side view
Side view

Samsung opted to include a matte display by default and it pays off. The screen looks incredible and has amazing viewing angles. Even with all the show lights the display looked great.

Hands-on it felt very sleek with minimal bezels. It comes with a 4K SlimFit camera that magnetically snaps onto the back of the display. We didn't get a chance to try out the new camera but 4K is beyond what Apple bundles with the Studio Display.

ViewFinity S9 ports
ViewFinity S9 ports

The ports are centrally located at the back, directly behind the stand. They were a little tight to get to but cables could easily be routed through the hole in the stand once connected.

ViewFinity S9 calibration
Calibrating the ViewFinity S9

One of the more unique features Samsung included here is smart calibration. Using the SmartThings app, we held the phone up to the display and a series of colors flashed before us. After a few moments, we got our results on the phone.

Calibration report
Calibration report

The results would show you exactly your calibration settings as you'd see from the factory. There's a before and after comparison at the end so you can see how much better the display looks.

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