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Samsung introduces pair of Studio Display competitors at CES 2023

Samsung's two new Studio Display competitors

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The Samsung ViewFinity S9 and Smart Monitor M8 are both new 27-inch monitors introduced at CES 2023 as competitors to Apple's Studio Display.

Samsung has introduced a handful of new monitors during CES 2023, with a few targeted directly at potential Studio Display customers. The 5K ViewFinity S9 and 4K Smart Monitor M8 are both 27-inch monitors with Apple-like design and functionality.

ViewFinity S9

The ViewFinity S9 is optimized for creative professionals like graphic designers and photographers. It has a 5,120 x 2,880 resolution and covers 99 percent of the P3 wide-color gamut putting it up against Apple's Studio Display.

It features a built-in Color Calibration Engine that can calibrate the display using the company's SmartThings app or a smartphone camera. The display is also matte to eliminate glare.

For inputs it offers HDIM, DisplayPort, and USB-C. It features Samsung's Smart TV platform with built-in streaming and productivity apps and comes with a 4K SlimFit camera.

It connects via Thunderbolt and supports downstream USB-C and Thunderbolt connections for fast data transfer.

It too will be available early next year. Pricing was not yet available.

27-inch Smart Monitor M8

The Smart Monitor M8 already existed as a 32-inch monitor, but Samsung has updated the lineup with a new 27-inch model. The new M80C has the same 4K resolution but has a higher pixel density since it is a smaller display.

The screen can be pivoted to 90 degrees for a portrait-oriented setup. It is also compatible with VESA mounts.

In addition to the existing Samsung Smart Hub functionality, the Smart Monitor M8 can act as a SmartThing Hub. It will soon be updated with Matter functionality which will bring it into the Home app for Homekit users to control outside of the existing AirPlay functionality.

The M80C also include a new personalization feature that adds photos, schedules, and weather to the ambient display mode called My Contents. A SmartThings hub is also included with the M80C making it easy to control SmartThings devices.

Finally, the SlimFit camera was upgraded to 2K resolution, up from 1080P, and works with apps in the Smart Hub as well as any of your Mac or PC apps.

Samsung also announced its new Odyssey Neo G9 57-inch curved gaming monitor.

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