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Tim Cook shares video to mark Chinese New Year on social media

Chinese New Year

As China celebrates its New Year, Apple CEO Tim Cook shared a post on Weibo with a short film about a young man and his love for opera.

Cook's post shares a "story that shines a light on humanity, shows the power of pursuing one's passion, and reminds us all of what it takes to overcome life's obstacles."

Apple also shared a version of the video on YouTube with English subtitles. It's a story about a young man, his love for opera, and the spirit of persistence. Apple and director Peng Fei worked together to reinvent the Chinese Opera "Through the Five Passes."

The Chinese New Year takes place on January 22, 2023, and Apple is capitalizing on the event with customized versions of its hardware. The latest launch is for a limited-edition release of AirPods Pro, personalized for the occasion.

The Year of the Rabbit variant of the AirPods Pro aren't hugely altered from the normal version. The charging case gains a special Year of the Rabbit engraving of the mammal running toward the viewer, while the retail box has the same image on the side in red.