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Rare Sonos deals knock up to $280 off speakers, soundbars & subs for Super Bowl 2023

Upgrade your surround sound to Sonos.

Bring your living room's sound to theater-quality with these deals on Sonos speakers, subwoofers, and soundbars going for up to $280 off retail price.

Super Bowl 2023 is just around the corner, and updating your surround sound system with the best audio experience is now more affordable as both and are offering substantial discounts on the equipment you need.

Between February 3rd and 12th, shoppers can unlock up to $280 in savings on Sonos sound system packages at Adorama, a Sonos dealer, and from Sonos direct.

Surround sound upgrades for the Super Bowl

Use the Immersive Set with Arc to build the perfect system, as it has everything you need, and it's now $280 off. This kit comes with two speakers, the Sonos Arc soundbar and the third-generation subwoofer, for that extra kick on the low end.

Keep the neighbors happy by removing the subwoofer from the package with the Sonos Beam and One SL speaker bundle. Now $50 off, this deal comes with the Sonos Beam soundbar and two of Sonos' One SL speakers, each offering Airplay 2 support and robust audio quality.

If you're not looking for a complete set, check out the Sonos Arc soundbar, now $100 off. The Sonos Arc soundbar packs surround sound into a single bar with 11 speakers angled to produce sound that engulfs listeners.

Build out your surround sound system with the Sonos One Smart Speaker, now only $179 each. These speakers provide supreme sound quality with tweeters and midwoofers for crisp audio.

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