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Google Pixel 7 is having reliability issues with buttons & camera lenses

Pixel 7 smartphones

Since launch, many owners of the Pixel 7 have been complaining about hardware problems with their handsets, such as camera lenses that suddenly crack for no apparent reason, or buttons that fall off.

Google released the Pixel 7 smartphones in October, with redesigned cameras, new accessibility features, and other upgrades and improvements.

But recent reports from Pixel 7 owners reveal that certain parts have been falling off the phone. For example, an AndroidCentral article on Tuesday shares how the author's volume button fell off.

Nicholas Sutrich says he was walking in the woods to take pictures and took out his Pixel 7 Pro from his pocket. But he noticed that the volume button was stuck to the screen instead of in its proper place on the side.

He mentioned that he takes good care of his equipment and that, aside from occasionally using it for photography, the Pixel 7 Pro usually gets left at home.

Sutrich said that the Pixel 7 volume button appears similar to the same button on other smartphones and could even be more reinforced at first glance.

Other Pixel 7 owners mentioned that their volume buttons had also fallen off, so it's not an isolated incident.

Cracked glass

The volume button isn't the only faulty hardware on Pixel 7 phones either. Some people have said that the glass on their rear cameras has spontaneously shattered.

In December, a person tweeted that their camera glass broke, even though they didn't drop their Pixel 7. On Reddit, another person said they pulled their Pixel 7 out of their pocket and found that the rear camera glass was broken, and others share similar incidents in the comments.

Fortunately, many users report that after contacting customer service, Google offered to replace their phones, indicating that the company is aware of the issues.

Shoppers considering a Pixel 7 should study the reports before deciding or get a smartphone from a different manufacturer. If these problems persist, they should be ready to pay for repairs, at least if Google doesn't provide a replacement.