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Four years after announcement, 'Pokemon Sleep' is coming soon

The Pokemon Company has announced that Pokemon Sleep, a game that rewards players for good sleeping habits, is finally going to launch soon.

Pokemon Sleep is a game that rewards players for getting a good night's sleep. To play, players can place their smartphone near their pillow, allowing the app to analyze simple data about how the player has slept.

Sleep will be categorized into one of three stages — dozing, sleeping, and slumbering — and players will attract different kinds of Pokemon in each sleep stage.

While there's no hard launch date yet, the Official Pokemon YouTube channel says the game will launch in Summer 2023 on both iPhone and Android.

As pointed out by the Verge, the Pokemon Company has also announced the Pokemon Go Plus+. While not required to play Pokemon Sleep, it can be used instead of a player's smartphone.

The device can also be used with Pokemon Go in the same way as the original Pokemon Go Plus, allowing players to spin Pokestops and catch Pokemon without pulling out their phones.

Pokemon Sleep was initially supposed to launch in 2020.