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The iPhone alarm tone is also a gorgeous classical piano piece

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Apple's iPhone alarm tunes usually just wake people up, but musician Tony Ann was inspired to develop one into a full classical piano track lasting more than two minutes.

Play Tony Ann's YouTube video and any iPhone user will immediately recognize the alarm sound that Apple calls Opening. Where the alarm tone lasts for just a few seconds before it repeats, it does then stick in people's heads.

In Ann's case, though, the piece does not simply repeat, he develops the tune into a deeply impressive score that weaves in and out of Apple's original. Unlike his clever pop song version of the alarm, this classical rendition is always unmistakably the Apple tone, even as it builds to a conclusion.

Tony Ann's classical piano version of the alarm was first spotted by iMore.

It's not the first time that an iPhone tune as been used as the basis for music, though. As long ago as 2013, the band Mars Argo used the iPhone's ringtone as the main riff in their song, "Don't Call Me."

You can go the other way and make a ringtone out of any music, but it requires a few steps to create a custom one. This version would probably be excellent as one.