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Two Apple Stores in India are opening within days of each other

Source: Apple

Apple BKC in Mumbai and Apple Saket in New Delhi mark Apple's first two stores in India, and they are opening within 48 hours of each other.

More than two decades after Apple created its Apple Stores, India is to get its first two stores within days of each other in Mumbai and the capital New Delhi. Following a teaser image of the Apple BKC one, Apple has now done the same for Apple Saket, as well as formally announced the opening of both stores.

"The barricade for Apple Saket was revealed this morning and features a unique design that takes inspiration from Delhi's many gates," said Apple in a statement, "each signifying a new chapter to the city's storied past."

"The colorful artwork celebrates Apple's second store in India — located right in the nation's capital," it continues. "Beginning April 20, customers will be able to stop by to explore Apple's latest product lineup, find creative inspiration, and get personalized service and support from the store's team of Specialists, Creatives, and Geniuses."

Ahead of Apple Saket's April 20 opening at 10 a.m. IST, Apple BKC has a special Today at Apple series, starting from its own opening date of April 18 at 11 a.m. IST.

"Bringing visitors, local artists, and creatives together, these sessions will offer hands-on activities with Apple's products and services that celebrate the local community and culture in Mumbai," says Apple.

Apple has also released downloadable wallpaper images on the official sites for Apple Saket and Apple BKC.

The opening of these two stores comes as Apple is also increasing its manufacturing presence in India, plus its office space there.