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Don't buy the 'Make Something Wonderful' Steve Jobs book on eBay, because the book is free [u]

Every eBay listing shows a hardback Steve Jobs book in a box. There is no hardback version.

The new Steve Jobs books is completely free, but copies of claimed special hardback editions are being sold on eBay for up to $25,000.

The book is a collection of writing by Steve Jobs, taken from speeches and emails, and compiled with clearly loving care by the Steve Jobs Archive. This is indeed a special book, but the Archive has explicitly released it for free, in order to have it be read as widely as possible.

Here, let us save you $25,000 — you can read it online on the Steve Jobs Archive, download an ebook version, or get it via Apple Books.

In every case, it costs you nothing.

But now eBay is has already got — at time of writing — seven sellers claiming to have the printed hardback edition. The edition is reportedly one that was printed without announcement and presented to some unknown number of Apple employees.

Yet to read the book, there isn't the remotest reason to pay, at present, from $100, all the way up to $25,000. It's not clear whether the $25,000 version includes shipping.

Update: April 13, 12:27 ET Corrected to include that there is a special printed edition. AppleInsider regrets the error.