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Updated SwiftKey keyboard update gives access to Microsoft's new Bing AI inside any app

New AI features in SwiftKey

With the addition of new smarts, users can access AI tools inside Microsoft's SwiftKey keyboard that work in nearly any app to chat and search for information.

The company brought ChatGPT-powered searches into the Bing mobile app for iOS in February. It's now adding AI into the SwiftKey keyboard app for iOS with three primary features.

Microsoft revealed the update on Thursday to help users communicate and use their devices more effectively with Chat, Search, and Tone.

The Chat function lets users connect to the new Bing search, which is helpful since keyboards can be used in any app. Examples include using AI to make jokes and make more detailed queries.

The Chat tool lets users ask detailed queries of Bing
The Chat tool lets users ask detailed queries of Bing

The second feature, Tone, lets people communicate more effectively by customizing text to fit any situation. For example, it can transform words to make them casual, polite, concise, or professional.

Finally, the Search functionality lets people quickly search the web from inside any app using their keyboard. It helps research various topics, including stock prices, dining options, and weather.

The Tone function can transform words
The Tone function can transform words

All markets offering the new Bing can use these new SwiftKey features. Anyone can use Search, but accessing Tone and Chat requires a user to sign into their Microsoft Account that has been approved to access the new Bing preview.

The update is available on the App Store and requires iOS or iPadOS 11 or later. Look for the Bing icon above the keyboard to get started.