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Apple plans to open or remodel around 50 stores across the globe by 2027

Apple's relaunched Tysons Corner store

In an effort to revitalize its physical retail presence across the globe, Apple is not only going to remodel existing stores, but also open new locations.

Apple never goes completely dark when it comes to its physical retail locations, usually updating, tweaking, or even opening new locations on a semi-regular basis. But over the course of the next four years, the company will be focusing on reenergizing the physical shopping experience.

In a new report outlining Apple's future for physical retail, Bloomberg details the company's efforts to make a bolder push into China, while also remodeling several different locations in the United States. Apple won't ignore Europe, either, with Paris and London plans in the works.

Apple is reportedly in discussions to open a total of 15 new stores in the Asia-Pacific region, along with five new sites in Europe and the Middle East, and four new locations in the United States and Canada.

On the renovation side of things, the report indicates Apple is going to rework or outright relocate 13 stores in North America, six stores in Asia, and nine stores in Europe. All told, this will mean Apple is working on 53 "new, located, or remodeled stores over the next four years."

Apple will meet at least one milestone along the way, as long as the plans for physical retail stores work out. That includes launching its first storefront in Malaysia, in Kuala Lumpur, while opening up three locations in India. In Paris, Apple is reportedly looking to upgrade the Opera shopping location, while working to open a new store near Battersea Power Station in London.

A new store is said to be heading to Miami, Florida, and Apple may launch a new retail store in Jing'an Temple Plaza in Shanghai. A new store is also slated to open in the Grand Front Plaza mall in Osaka, Japan, with a remodel expected for its Shinsaibashi location.

There are several other notable mentions:

Late 2023

  • Revitalize Apple Store Tice's Corner in New Jersey
  • Three additional relocations in U.S. and one in Canada
  • New mall store in Wen Zhou Shi, China
  • Upgrading Nanjing East flagship store in Shanghai
  • Two new outlets in South Korea


  • Remodel of the Pudong store in Shanghai
  • A new store launch in Foshan, China
  • Relocate four stores in the UK
  • Relocate store in Le Chesnay, France
  • Open fourth store in Sweden
  • Open new store in Torrance, California
  • New store in Birkdale Village mall in North Carolina
  • Relocate five additional stores in the U.S.


  • Relocate store in Perth, Australia
  • Open four new additional stores throughout China
  • Remodel Ginza store in Japan
  • Open new location in Abu Dhabi
  • Open new location in Wichita, Kansas
  • Three additional store relocations
  • Potentially relocate Sainte-Catherine Street store in Montreal


  • Fourth store in India opens, in New Delhi
  • New store opens in Yokohama, Japan
  • Relocate outlet store in Shibyua Marui, Japan


  • Open fifth store in India, located in Worli area in Mumbai
  • Relocate Munich, Germany store

The report adds that in many of these instances, it's still in the discussion phase, working with proposals and projections. With that in mind, it's possible that Apple's ambitious plans for its physical retail presence might not pan out exactly as it's outlined here.

Simply opening new stores, remodeling or relocating others, isn't all that Apple has in the works, though. Apple's lead on retail is Deidre O'Brien, and she is aware of complaints both internally and from customers:

"More broadly, O'Brien is seeking to improve the experience in Apple stores. Complaints from both customers and employees have stacked up in recent years, and the chain has lost some of the cachet it enjoyed when Apple's gleaming logo first began popping up in shopping centers two decades ago. The company also been dealing with a unionization push both in the US and abroad."

Apple recently reopened its first-ever Apple Store in the United States, located in Tysons Corner. The new store is located not far from where the original store was, but features a brand new layout and more space for shoppers.