Evan Selleck

Tech beat reporter

Evan has been pounding at the keyboard for as long as he can remember, way back to the days when Mavis Beacon was a thing. Now he tries to use those skills for good, bringing Apple news to the masses.

He's worked for a variety of different publications over the course of a decade, including SlashGear, iDownloadblog, and PhoneDog. While focusing mostly on Apple over the years, he's covered all sorts of topics, including the other tech giants, video games, and the entertainment industry.

He really wishes Apple TV+ would capture the imagination like the original iPhone did, but we all have pipe dreams.

Before all that, Evan sold books at a major bookseller, sold cell phones (and even some smartphones!), and worked in the food industry. Now he's a father of two great kids, a perpetually scorned hockey fan, and lover of movies.