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CrossOver Mac DirectX 12 support arriving later this summer

Windows games running on Apple Silicon

The developers of CrossOver for Mac are adding support for DirectX 12, enabling more Windows games to be playable on macOS.

In a CodeWeavers blog post, the company claims it will be introducing DirectX 12 support to CrossOver Mac, software that enables for Windows games to run on Mac desktops. While CrossOver does work with DirectX 11 and earlier versions, work has been going on for over a year and a half to add DirectX 12 support.

"Some real progress" has been made with the "beginnings of DirectX 12 support" secured by the developers. So far, QA teams have managed to get "Diablo II Resurrected" running on macOS with a pre-alpha build of CrossOver 23, but while still buggy, the team still considers it a "huge win."

The work is far from over with DirectX 12 support, as the team's investigations failed to find a "single magic key that unlocked DirectX 12 support on macOS." To get the game running, many bugs involving MoltenVK and SPIRV-Cross had to be fixed.

With this in mind, it is believed that CrossOver will "need to add support on a per-title basis" due to the expectation of game-specific bugs.

CodeWeavers anticipates to release CrossOver 23 later in the summer.