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Apple wants to build 324,000 square feet of office space in North Carolina

Apple's planned North Carolina campus will sit near Raleigh

Apple has officially filed the paperwork to move ahead with the first stage of its plans for construction on its Research Triangle Park campus in North Carolina.

Five years after its plans leaked in 2018, Apple finally appears to be making headway on its North Carolina campus.

The campus, which could house more than 3,000 workers, calls for buildings up to 73 feet tall, up to 8 stories, and sits on 281 acres of land.

According to WRAL Tech Wire, Apple filed the paperwork on May 30, and had begun applying for permits within Wake County in August 2022. The permits were related to clearing land and managing stormwater before construction officially began.

The Research Triangle Park is the largest research park in the United States, comprising 300 companies across 7,000 acres and employing 65,000 workers. Apple is expected to hire around 2,700 people by 2032 in the sector.

Apple is currently occupying a MetLife office building in Cary until the new campus is complete. It completed $19.3 million in renovations on the building alone.