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'Diablo IV' skips Mac gamers, and Whoopi Goldberg is mad about it

"Diablo IV isn't on the Mac"

Blizzard Entertainment's latest game in the series, "Diablo IV," is not available for Mac users, and Whoopi Goldberg has turned to social media to vent her dismay about it.

Released on Monday, Diablo IV is the newest title in the Diabloseries in which players guide a character through the world of Sanctuary and battle demons, complete quests, and collect treasure. Currently, the game is available for PlayStation 4/5, Windows, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

But unlike its predecessors, such as Diablo III, the newest game is not available for macOS at launch. The move has upset some Mac gamers, including The View Whoopi Goldberg.

Goldberg recently posted a video on her Instagram account in which she expressed her frustration and implored Blizzared Entertainment to bring Diablo IV to the Mac.

"This is Whoopi," she said. "You know how much I love Diablo. I would like y'all to let those of us who use our Apples to play. Allow us to play on the Apple. Take Diablo IV and let us do it and have a great time."

The statement did not get missed by Blizzard developers. Rod Fergusson, a senior vice president who oversees the Diablo series, tweeted that he "did not have "Whoopi Goldberg yelling at me on Instagram" on my #DiabloIV launch bingo card."

The release of the game on Mac by Blizzard remains uncertain, but there's a possibility that they might be enticed to do so with Apple's new Game Porting Toolkit.

Its goal is to help developers port their Windows games to macOS. The macOS Sonoma release will also include a Game Mode to improve Bluetooth sampling rates with controllers and have the system prioritize CPU and GPU power.

Some people have already used the toolkit to get some games running on their Apple Silicon Macs, including Diablo IV on an M1 Max MacBook Pro, Hogwarts Legacy on an M2 Max, and Cyberpunk 2077 running on an M1 MacBook Pro.