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New Mac Pro has 'Product of Thailand' label, but is assembled in US

FCC filings have revealed that the required labelling on the new 2023 Mac Pro includes the phrase, "Product of Thailand," alongside the regular "Designed by Apple in California."

Apple has previously made a big deal out of how the 2019 Mac Pro was made in Austin, Texas — although not all of them. That has chiefly meant the Mac Pro being assembled there, and the new model continues to have a label saying "Final assembly in the USA."

However, the same FCC labelling adds this new and so far unexplained phrase, "Product of Thailand." It's previously been reported that Apple has been looking to increase manufacturing in Thailand, but specifically for the MacBook Pro, rather than the Mac Pro.

Detail from the FCC documentation

As first spotted by MacRumors, the phrase about Thailand is shown in the FFC's documentation concerning the Regulatory Label Location.

It's not the first time that unexpected labelling has been added to Apple devices. Due to China increasingly enforcing its labelling laws, Apple has recently asked its suppliers in Taiwan to label components as being from "Taiwan, China," or "Chinese Taipei."