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Apple Vision Pro could help surgeons see vital data during operations

Apple Vision Pro

The Apple Vision Pro may be beneficial in medicine, a surgeon suggests, with the mixed-reality headset potentially helping by providing vital data during surgery.

Apple's introduction of the Apple Vision Pro could be a boon to productivity in the workplace, but in one case, it could be a lifesaver. In the opinion of one surgeon, it could give "superpowers" to doctors.

Dr. Rafael Grossmann, a general surgeon with a background in robotic surgery and the first to live-stream a surgery using Google Glass, thinks the Apple Vision Pro could do a lot to help in the middle of an operation when information is key to a patient's survival.

"Within the operating room, you are gathering data in mixed reality that is helping you in real time, in a synchronous fashion, do the procedure," Grossmann explained to WMTV8 about current mixed-reality technology he is currently using.

The tech "allows you to not have to turn your head where you can actually bring the computer," he adds. Using spatial computing, the displays could feasibly be anywhere in the room, and in the case of surgery, potentially within the wearer's eye line.

Beyond operations, Grossmann proposes that Apple's headset could be employed in other ways, such as to provide more connection between doctor and patient. For example, a digital assistant could be shown to the physician to handle basic tasks like note-taking, or to offer up information from patient records.