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iPhone 15 inspiring massive hiring spree at Foxconn's largest plant

Foxconn wants to hire more workers

Apple supplier Foxconn is on a hiring spree for the factory that will produce the iPhone 15 and offering bonuses for former employees ahead of new iPhones in 2023.

In response to the production disruptions caused by China's strict Covid-19 policies in 2022, the factory is currently facing a substantial need for workers. Local recruiting agencies in Zhengzhou are proactively creating a talent pool to meet the requirements of the upcoming peak season, according to a recruiter named Zhao.

Zhao, responsible for recruitment, is hiring permanent employees and temporary workers at an hourly wage of 21.5 yuan ($3).

The Product Enclosure Business Group unit of Foxconn, operating in Zhengzhou, recently announced a job posting offering a bonus of 8,000 yuan ($1,105) for former employees who rejoin the assembly line during peak seasons. This particular unit is responsible for manufacturing mechanical components for the iPhone.

Brand-new employees at Foxconn's plant in the southern Chinese city of Shenzhen are also eligible for a bonus of up to 6,980 yuan ($980).

Additionally, the company is actively promoting employee referrals and incentivizing them by providing a reward of 1,000 yuan ($138) for each successful recommendation of a new worker. Furthermore, Foxconn is extending a one-time bonus of 7,000 yuan ($975) to individuals who are referred and join during the peak season, provided they stay with the company for a minimum of four months, according to the South China Morning Post.

Foxconn has also been actively pursuing the expansion of its manufacturing operations in various countries, including India and Vietnam.

The Apple supplier entered into a lease agreement with Saigon-Bac Giang Industrial Park Corp, securing a land parcel measuring 111 acres for around $62.5 million. The lease duration extends until February 2057.

Meanwhile, the Karnataka state government in India says manufacturing will start in April 2024 at the site of Foxconn's factory in the state.