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Apple TV+ cancels 'High Desert' after only one season

'High Desert' [Apple TV+]

A second season of the Apple TV+ dark comedy "High Desert" is not on the way, with star Patricia Arquette and executive producer Ben Stiller confirming the show's come to a premature end.

Apple TV+ started to air "High Desert" from May 17, but it hasn't taken the streaming service long to reject the show. In a post to Instagram, Arquette confirmed that the show has been cancelled by Apple, and that a second season's not happening.

Calling it a "sad bummer," Arquette had "just found out" that the show wasn't returning. The actress then proceeds to thank the cast and crew, before declaring "you can't win them all."

Confirming Arquette's video message, Stiller took to Twitter to say "We are all disappointed," then called the cast amazing and thanked fans "for embracing this show." "I LOVE Patricia Arquette, who gave an awards worthy performance," Stiller adds.

While the loss of a second season isn't good news, Stiller does offer a silver lining to the affair, in that the show won't be removed from view down the road.

"Unlike other streamers these days I'm told they will not be removing any shows. So you can enjoy the first season in perpetuity," writes Stiller.

The producer's comment refers to actions by other streaming services, including HBO Max and Disney Plus, to remove shows from their catalogs. The moves are made typically as a cost-cutting measure by the services.