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OWC launches MacDrive 11 to bring APFS support to Windows users

MacDrive 11 Pro

OWC has launched the latest version of their MacDrive software that helps bring the SSD-centric APFS support to Windows PC users.

Available to download now, MacDrive 11 is a substantial update that brings Apple File System (APFS) support alongside the existing HSF+ support to users of Windows. It includes both full read and write capabilities.

Other APFS benefits tag along such as APFS crash protection, multi-platform APFS discs, APFS formatting, and more. OWC says users can even browse Time Machine backups from their Windows-based PC.

OWC MacDrive 11 Pro used to access APFS drives on PC
OWC MacDrive 11 Pro used to access APFS drives on PC

MacDrive 11 is available now with a new license running $49.99 or users can upgrade a previous license for $29.99. Currently, OWC is offering users of competing software to access Mac-formatted drives on PC the ability to crossgrade the license for $19.99.

A full-featured five-day free trial is available too.