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Apple iPhone 'Relax' ad extols the virtues of iPhone 14 crash detection

"Battery for Miles" ad. (Source Apple)

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A pair of new ads for the iPhone 14 range ads have been released, extolling crash detection in iPhone 14 Pro, and "our longest battery life," with the iPhone 14 Plus.

Released simultaneously, the two ads are both wordless, have a music soundtrack, and come under the same new campaign. "Relax, it's iPhone 14 Plus" is a 60-second-long ad following a man following directions at "two miles an hour," with an iPhone 14 Plus on the front of his tractor.

It looks inspired by the 1999 movie, "The Straight Story" — written by John Roach and Mary Sweeney, directed by David Lynch.

Then the "Relax, it's iPhone 14 Pro," is a 30-second-long video showing a regular day at work for a car crash test dummy. After a violent collision sends the dummy's car somersaulting through the air, his iPhone 14 Pro displays the "It looks like you've been in a crash" message.

Previous reports have consistently shown that the large-screen iPhone 14 Plus has sold poorly compared to the rest of the iPhone 14 range. However, that whole range is now close to 10 months into the year before it is superseded by the iPhone 15 range.

Both ads are of course shot with superb cinematography, but both also continue Apple's recent technique of ending with around eight seconds of black screen. It is specifically so that YouTube's promotion of related videos does not cover up any of Apple's carefully-shot footage.