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Moment debuts 8 new iPhone lenses as part of T-Series overhaul

Moment's new lens system

Photography powerhouse Moment has debuted a whole new series of mobile lenses for iPhone and Android, releasing eight new lenses with multiple improvements to up your camera game.

Moment launched its last-generation M-Series lenses back in 2017. Now, after six years, it has updated all its glass with the launch of eight lenses that include more elements, a new bayonet system, and support for Android.

These are all of Moment's new lenses:

  • Anamorphic 1.33x in gold and blue flare
  • Anamorphic 1.55x in gold and blue flare
  • Telephoto 58mm
  • Wide 18mm
  • Fisheye 14mm
  • Macro 10x

These lenses offer marked improvements over the stock cameras built into your iPhone. For example, the telephoto lens allows you to capture 2X zoom photos with your primary 48MP sensor for better bokeh and resolution or 6X photos with the existing tele lens.

The anamorphic lenses bring J.J. Abrams-style lens flares to your video in multiple colors. Moment's 18mm wide lens gives you similar capture to the iPhone's ultra-wide lens but without distortion.

T-Series improvements

The new T-Series will be sold alongside the existing M-Series lenses but with several improvements.

Moment has increased the size of the opening, allowing them to be used with larger cameras found on newer iPhones and Android devices. This helps ensure future compatibility, including with the rumored iPhone 15 series.

The bayonet connection system has been reworked but is still easy to remove. It only takes a quarter-twist of a lens to remove it from your phone when not in use but is 20% larger.

Finally, they have an additional glass element to make the photos even sharper than before. They also sport increased resolution and improved MTF scores for sensors up to 108MP.

New Moment lens availability and pricing

The new lenses support multiple Android phones and nearly all iPhones. You can pick up cases with a drop-in lens mount or you can use the universal mount adapter for unsupported phones.

All of the new lenses should also work with the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro models that are presumably being announced in September.

Moment's new T-Series lenses as well as its new lineup of accessories go up for preorder today and shipping begins as soon as September 7. Lens prices start at $119.