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Nearly 50% of Mac developers are including AI in their apps

Image Credit: Setapp

Setapp's 3rd annual Mac Apps Report delves into the behavior and preferences of Mac users in 2023, highlighting their software habits, AI adoption, essential apps, and payment preferences, underlining the transformative potential of AI in the user experience.

Setapp, a well-known subscription service for apps on macOS and iOS, has recently published its 3rd annual Mac Apps Report. The report, published on Monday, provides valuable insights into the preferences and habits of Mac users in 2023. The survey collected responses from 1,241 Mac users primarily based in the US.

It sheds light on various aspects of their software usage, their adoption of artificial intelligence, the importance of M1/M2 chip support, and the essential apps they use daily. The report is a comprehensive guide for anyone interested in understanding the behavior of Mac users and their software preferences.

Based on the report, on average, Mac users have 51 applications installed on their devices, out of which around 15 apps are used daily. The report highlights that browser apps, Microsoft and Google Office tools, as well as Adobe software, are among the most commonly used and essential applications. In addition, productivity apps such as Spark, Zoom, 1Password, and Slack were also emphasized by Mac users in the report.

When Mac users consider acquiring new apps, they mostly consider factors such as the price and features. However, doubts about regular use and concerns about poor reviews are the main reasons they postpone their purchases.

Image Credit: Setapp
Image Credit: Setapp

According to a recent report, 42% of the survey respondents use AI-powered apps daily. Among these, 63% stated that they find these tools more beneficial.

The report highlights that a significant number of Mac developers, 44%, have already included AI/ML models in their apps, while 28% are currently working on incorporating them. This indicates the growing recognition of the potential of AI to transform the user experience by providing additional assistance and enhancing the overall functionality of apps.

In terms of payment for software, 83% of survey respondents had paid for Mac software in the previous month. Subscription models are preferred, allowing users to start or stop using an app at any time, whereas one-time purchases are more cost-effective.

Mac computers are favored for their superior performance, reliability, and the macOS operating system. The MacBook Pro is the most popular Mac device, and 70% of respondents have Macs equipped with M1/M2 chips.