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Prototype HomePod with LCD touchscreen surfaces in photo

An alleged prototype HomePod [x/KosutamiSan]

A HomePod with a touchscreen on the top has been leaked in social media photos, in what could be a prototype for a future update to the smart speaker.

The HomePod and HomePod mini do not have displays built into them, save for a disc at the top showing diffused LED lights as an indicator of activity. However, it seems that Apple has ideas to change that screen for something else.

In a photograph published to X by Apple product collector and leaker "KosutamiSan," a HomePod is pictured with a larger disc at the top. Within that disc is an image and the text "LcdUTest," seemingly indicating it as being a display.

An earlier series of images shows what is described as a HomePod frameshell with a "completely different glass on top," which is intended for a touchscreen. The shell's design is "similar to HomePod 2nd gen's," the leaker states.

After the images went live on X, sources of 9to5Mac reportedly verified the images as real, as well as offering details such as the codename B720. The sources also claimed the device in the photograph was actively being worked on within the company, making it a potential new product rather than a cast-off old prototype.

Apple has previously been thought to be working on a HomePod with a display. In March 2023, Ming-Chi Kuo forecast that a new HomePod will ship in the first half of 2024 with a 7-inch display, in a device that could boost the company's smart home strategy.