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Apple 'briefly pauses' internal Muslim, Jewish Slack channels

Apple has shut down internal employee Muslim and Jewish Slack channels

A report suggests Apple has suspended internal messaging channels used by Jewish and Muslim employees following tensions related to the Israel-Hamas war.

Like many companies, Apple employees have access to internal chat channels, like Slack, for networking and communications. Global conflicts and other sensitive topics can create problems in any workplace, and Apple has moved to address the Israel-Hamas war within those channels.

According to a report from Business Insider, an Apple employee resources group leader who told fellow employees that "the only sustainable path forward is to briefly pause the Apple Muslim Slack channel. The Apple Jewish Slack channel will do the same."

Acknowledging that employees may not be happy with the decision, the representative said Apple was taking action "to ensure a respectful environment for our communities during a painful and tragic time."

Apple may have quelled internal employee discussion, but the company and its executive staff have not publicly remarked about the war. Regardless, Apple is more than a passive observer in the conflict.

Israel and Palestine are both centers of semiconductor development for Apple. Under the aegis of Apple senior vice president of Hardware Technologies Jonny Srouji, Apple has expanded its efforts in the region, where it now operates three centers in Israel — Herzliya, Haifa, and Jerusalem, and another in the Palestinian city of Rawabi.

Srouji has noted that Apple's Israeli team was instrumental in developing the M-series chips used in the Mac. Apple coordinates those efforts with other teams worldwide, including those in Cupertino.

How the current conflict has affected Apple's chip design efforts is unknown. However, the question will likely come up during Apple's question and answer session with analysts following its quarterly financial report, which happens after the markets close on Thursday.