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AirTag proves yet again it may be time to hide a tracker in your car

Hide an AirTag in your vehicle

A Canadian man hid an AirTag in his BMW, which led to a swift vehicle recovery after a theft.

The AirTag had been hidden in Saamer Mansoor's BMW for about six months before it served its purpose. Apple's tracker is about the size of a quarter and can be hidden easily in something as large as a vehicle.

According to a report from CTV News, that was shared by 9to5Mac, Mansoor was able to recover his BMW only a few hours after discovering the vehicle was stolen. His brother alerted him that the BMW was missing, but a quick look at Apple's Find My revealed it was parked at a motel.

Mansoor and his brother headed to the AirTag's location and dialed the police on the way. They were able to recover the vehicle and most of the belongings that were inside.

The vehicle's theft surprised Mansoor, who said he was always careful. But when dealing with his sick son the night before, he forgot to roll his window up — giving the thieves a perfect opportunity.

The Apple AirTag is a relatively cheap tracking device that provides users access to Apple's Find My network for only $30 a pop. While hiding the AirTag in the BMW was only a preventative measure, it saved Mansoor a lot of headache.