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Final Cut Pro November update incoming with improved navigation, ML Object Tracker

Final Cut Pro update

Apple has announced a new version of Final Cut Pro that allows users to take better advantage of Apple Silicon with multiple Media Engines, plus new iPad-specific features.

Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro finally arrived as iPad apps in May 2023 with subscription pricing. The new payment options allow more people to take advantage of pro Apple Software on iPad, enabling more significant updates to occur more often.

The next update to Final Cut Pro on Mac and iPad will arrive later in November. New features vary between the Mac and iPad versions.

What's new on Mac

Final Cut Pro for Mac gets better organization tools with automatic timeline scrolling. Organization is also improved with assigned roles for different clips, like audio or video, which are differentiated by color.

Assign roles to clips
Assign roles to clips

Apple has also improved optimization for Apple Silicon. H.264 and HEVC exports are sped up thanks to access to separate Media Engines in Max/Ultra chipsets.

Object Tracker is also more powerful for tracking specific faces or objects on Macs with Apple SIlicon. It utilizes a new machine learning model.

What's new on iPad

Final Cut Pro on iPad gains new voiceover capabilities. Users can add voiceovers by recording directly from the internal or attached microphone to the timeline or start a voiceover using a countdown timer.

Final Cut Pro for iPad gains more effect filters
Final Cut Pro for iPad gains more effect filters

Pro camera mode has a stabilization feature to improve shaky footage. Imported videos can be ingested directly into a project to get started editing even faster.

A new group command enables users to consolidate a selected group of clips into a single storyline. Once combined, the Magnetic Timeline helps organize the timeline.

Keyboard shortcuts were added for voiceover and grouping clips. There is also a new set of color-grading presets, titles, and generators.

Final Cut Pro for iPad supports importing projects created in iMovie for iOS. Then, users can export the Final Cut Pro projects to Mac for the additional toolsets found there.

Apple says Final Cut Pro 10.7 will be available later in November. Mac customers still need to pay the full $299.99 price on the App Store, while iPad users get the app for $4.99 per month or $49 per year.