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You don't have to flip this Magic Mouse hack over to charge

Ivan Kuleshov''s hacked Magic Mouse

An engineer has hacked Apple's Magic Mouse to give it a USB-C charging port — in a better place — and also given it a more ergonomic case.

Ivan Kuleshov has previously hacked Apple's Mac mini to be powered over Ethernet, and has now reworked the Magic Mouse. Basically unchanged since its 2009 debut, the Magic Mouse has been criticized chiefly for how it can't be used while being charged.

That charging was and still is done by a Lightning cable — despite expectations of a change to USB-C — and it's done with a connector on the underside of the mouse.

Kuleshov has addressed that, but also worked on the other occasional criticism that the Magic Mouse is ergonomically awkward. Together, these issues mean that the Magic Mouse has been described as one of the worst of Jony Ive's designs.

In Kuleshov's new design, Apple's Magic Mouse appears to simply sit in a wider, deeper base. In practice, there's a lot more engineering work involved to make that happen, and it included wiring the battery connectors "so the mouse doesn't turn off while charging."

As well as the demo of the revamped Magic Mouse in use, the complete thread on Twitter/X shows multiple different casing designs that Kuleshov tried. Plus he details the steps needed to make a USB-C connector that lets users continue working with the mouse while charging.

Kuleshov says he will release all of the specifications and details on GitHub shortly.