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Magic Mouse, Magic Keyboard, Magic Trackpad didn't get USB-C — but it's still coming

Contrary to rumors, Apple has not yet moved its lineup of Mac input accessories to USB-C, but it's still going to happen sooner rather than later.

Apple did not launch a hotly anticipated line of USB-C accessories alongside its refreshed 24-inch iMac after Monday's Apple Event. Instead, the company has opted to keep offering Magic Keyboard, Magic Trackpad, and Magic Mouse devices with Lightning.

The change is notable as the company has aggressively shifted some Lightning devices to USB-C already. Currently, all latest-generation iPad models, second-generation AirPods Pro, the Siri remote, and iPhone 15 line have all swapped their Lightning ports for USB-C.

Apple isn't yet forced to release products with USB-C by the European Union, and it can sell Lightning products that originally shipped before the 2024 deadline for as long as it wants. That regulation still looms, though.