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Sonos aims for AirPods Max, Apple TV with rumored headphones, streaming box

Sonos speaker

Sonos may start to compete more directly against Apple in the future, with a report claiming that over-ear headphones and a set-top box are on the way to compete against the AirPods Max and Apple TV.

Sonos' line of smart speakers and soundbars have worked with Apple's ecosystem for quite a few years, with hardware like the Apple TV able to take advantage of Sonos' speaker networking. It now seems that Sonos wants to take on Apple's personal audio and set-top streaming products with its own versions.

In a Tuesday report by Bloomberg, Sonos is aiming to introduce its own high-end headphones, expanding its speaker range into the personal audio field. The over-ear headphones will apparently cost about $400 to $500, putting it in the same ballpark as Apple's AirPods Max and offerings from Bose.

The headphones, which have apparently been in development for years, may be comparable feature-wise to the AirPods Max, though with more of a focus on tuning the sound to the user with a Sonos "Passport" app.

It is rumored Sonos' headphones could arrive as soon as April 2024.

Versus Apple TV

The headphones can be one of two products Sonos has under wraps. The report adds that a streaming set-top box to rival the Apple TV is also being worked on by the company. Due late in 2024 or in 2025, Sonos' device will provide streaming capabilities and will be based on Android.

Sonos is reportedly in talks with cable companies so that the set-top box can offer live TV streams. There's even talk about a Sonos-branded video service.

More importantly for Sonos' ecosystem, it will also function as a central hub for a Sonos network. This would be somewhat reminiscent of Apple's ability to use an Apple TV as a HomeKit hub.

When it arrives, the set-top streaming box should cost between $150 and $200.